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EZ-OPH-3600 Pro Lead Coaxial Ophthalmoscope

EZ-OPH-3600 Pro Lead Coaxial Ophthalmoscope

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Product Description
Direct Ophthalmoscopy is essential for routine eye examinations in general and specialized clinics internationally. The use of an ophthalmoscope enables health professionals to examine structures of an undilated eye using high-end optics in a small handheld device.

The EZ-OPH-3600 uses a combination of 68 focusing lenses with single-diopter steps (+38D to -38D) to provide the operator with precise resolution and premium quality during examination.

Coaxial Optics Coaxial optics directs the axis of the light to coincide with the axis of the vision into the retina thus eliminating possible shadows. This optical system facilitates easy entry into undilated pupils and vitreous disorders through high-precision lamp filament and optical alignment. This enables for more accurate examinations and diagnoses.

18 Unique Aperture and Filter Combinations This high-end device also contains an extraordinary 18 unique aperture and filter combinations, for greater versatility. Having a diverse amount of filters provides optimum light levels for entering healthy eyes and those with cataracts. This device has essential diagnostic filters including: Cobalt Blue, Cross-linear Polarizing, and Red-free.

3.5V Halogen Lamp The EZ-OPH-3600ís incredible 3.5V Halogen lamp provides light output for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination. The lamp type of the device is a selected option between Halogen and LED depending on the preference of the operator.

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