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EZ-Horus Laguna Software

EZ-Horus Laguna Software

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Product Description
The EZ-Horus Laguna Software in combination with the EZ-HORUS 45 is capable of measure hemoglobin amount topographically at the normal and diseased optic disc tissue based on analysis of colors (RGB) using digital photography. Having the The EZ-Horus Laguna Software allows doctors to discriminate Glaucoma and it is a powerful tool to educate patients. Based on the Identification by colorimetry of a color image of the fundus of the eye of an individual, obtained by EZ-HORUS 45 a direct relation between the chromatic properties of the various tissues of the optic nerve and the amount of hemoglobin (Hb) in the optic nerve head is established, allowing Identification and clearly distinguishing the irrigated regions of the optic nerve from the non-irrigated regions or those with atrophy, constituting a tool of great interest in monitoring and diagnosis of glaucomatous disease and other optic diseases affecting vascularization. This method also allows taking into account the effect of loss of transparency of the lens in patients with cataracts, as this effect is compensated without affecting the final results of the determination of the amount of hemoglobin (Hb).

Features of the EZ-Horus Laguna Software
▪ Representative map of the presence of hemoglobin in each region of the ONH
▪ Glaucoma Discriminant Function (GDF)
▪ Rim Hemoglobin
▪ TSNI Diagram
▪ Segmentation of the ONH in 24 sectors
▪ Approximate delimitation using an ellipse and fine-tuning using multiple radial points
▪ Sector Hemoglobin: Numerical Data
▪ Data Export and Analysis
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