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EZ-Horus Anterior Lens Anterior Lens

EZ-Horus Anterior Lens Anterior Lens

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Product Description
Ezer EZ-Horus Anterior Lens with the award winning EZ-Horus Manual Focus Camera for a perfect Anterior Segment Photography.

Simply add the Anterior Lens to the Ezer EZ-Horus-Manual-Camera and transform the unit into a top-of-the line anterior segment examination tool. The Lens features a white LED for anterior segment examination, taking both images and video. In addition, Blue LED is use with fluorescein allowing practitioners to detect the smallest changes in ocular surface health and it is ideal for contact lenses fitting procedures. The Anterior Lens is easy to install and provides excellent high resolution results (when combined with EZ-Horus-Manual-Camera). Everything can be processed digitally to reduce paperwork. Furthermore, it offers the ultimate in patient management and flexibility with real-time dual screens (Telemedicine).
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