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To order THE HUVITZ EXCELON 3D please contact us at 877-274-9300

EXCELON 3D includes: CPE 4000 Edger, CFR 4000 and CBK 4000 Manual Blocker. This combination allows one-Stop Lens Finishing Process with unmatched Finishing Quality. CPE 4000 Edger has icon-Based Graphical user Interface, versatile Functions with Digital Technology and "Easy Control System" for simple Maintenance.

Consisting of the cutting-edge technology, Excelon™ simplifies the finishing operation with unparalleled efficiency. Beveling, Polishing, Grooving and Safety Beveling processes are completely integrated and easily performed by a simple touch of a button.

All the finishing processes, tracing to edging, are fully operated with the advanced 3-Dimensional Digital Technology optimizing the productivity and efficiency.

Excelon™ offers superior quality and unmatched accuracy with excellent features.

• Adjustable Grooving Selections with 0.01mm step in depth and width

• Two Phase Customized Safety Beveling

High Resolution TFT-LCD (10.4") Color Screen and the intuitive Icon-Based User Interface are harmonized to offer the maximum convenience for everyday use.

Graphically Designed Test Mode enables the operator to effectively perform the routine maintenance without the technical assistance. Module-based Engineering allows the easy and convenient replacement of grinding wheels and components.

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