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EUS-2600  Ultrasonic A/B scanner

EUS-2600 Ultrasonic A/B scanner

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Product Description
Ultrasound became a standard diagnostic modality in almost all medical specialties including Ophthalmology. For this reason Ezer engineered an ophthalmic ultrasound imaging system with amazing charcteristics Ė itís sophisticated yet easy to use, portable, and has an affordable price.

The portable EUS-2600 Ultrasonic A/B scanner was designed with eye-care professionalism in mind. It provides a single solution for ophthalmic diagnostics by combining an A-Scan, B-Scan in one, easy-to-use platform. This product consists of a main unit, application software, a 10MHz A-Scan probe, a 10MHz B-Scan probe, an optional 20MHz B-Scan probe (not included in equipment), a footswitch, a wireless mouse/keyboard combo, and a power adaptor. It is also intended for biometric measurements supporting convenient operations by using mouse, keyboard, touchscreen and footswitch. Patient records are easilly saved, printed, or transferred via USB connection.

Ezer EUS-2600 Ultrasonic A/B scanner features
▪ Multiple TGC options for operatorís preference, including vitreous-enhanced mode.
▪ Image/video captured and stored in real time in multiple buffer slots for immediate comparison and review.
▪ Large 12.1" high-resolution LCD touchscreen display
▪ User-friendly clinical reporting with A-Scan/IOL results, B-scan images and comments with defined entries.
▪ Automatically Acquire AL
▪ Reports in PDF format for further sharing and print-out, and compatibility with graph/text printer.
▪ Diverse interfaces, like HDMI, for double-screen showcasing and DICOM 3.0 protocol available via USB 2.0 port.
▪ Massive storage capacity for over 20,000 exams.
▪ High-definition 20MHz B-Scan probe (optional)
▪ Dist-5
▪ Inmersion Method

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