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ET-4000 Motorized Table

ET-4000 Motorized Table

Item #: ET-4000
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Product Description
The Luxvision ET-4000 Motorized Table features a sleek, curved, banana-shaped design that makes it easy for patients to be tested at as many as three instruments.

The ET-4000 offers wide leg room, wheelchair accessibility and an extensive range of height control. You can even preset four different table heights for even more efficient use. High quality wheels with locking mechanism, a stable base and more make this table an outstanding choice.

Features of the ET-4000 Motorized Table
▪ Accommodates Three Instruments
▪ Motorized Height Adjustment
▪ Height Memory Control
▪ Easy-Access Curved Design
▪ Used for disabled patients
▪ Outlet to connect up to three equipments
▪ Locking Wheels
▪ Holes to put the equipment cables
▪ Quality Materials and Design

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