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ESL-9000C Slit Lamp Microscope

ESL-9000C Slit Lamp Microscope

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Product Description

Ezer ESL-9000C Slit Lamp Microscope Single Lens Reflex is the professional image collecting medium for the ophthalmic shooting with sensitive capture of light and color and the complete adjusting functions.

With Ezers ESL-9000C, you not only get an advanced Galilean converging optical system with outstanding magnification and field of view; you also will enjoy the countless benefits of outstanding image capture with Canons 18 megapixel 450D SLR camera (camera sold separately). The imaging unit easily and seamlessly attaches to this high-end slit lamp microscope. Youll enjoy real-time dynamic display on the cameras 3-inch LCD under perfect lighting that you can precisely control. Designed in the traditional tower style configuration, the ESL-9000C offers a five-step revolving drum that allows for an easier exchange of the magnification levels than exchanging an eyepiece. Using the units Accessories Mount, the ESL-9000C can be equipped with a Goldman applanation tonometer as well as several other accessories. The ESL-9000C also comes equipped with two reflecting mirrors, four built in filters, two fixation targets and a Hruby Lens Kit. If youre looking for more in a slit lamp, look no further than the well-equipped ESL-9000C.

Features of the ESL-9000C Slit Lamp Microscope
▪ Galilean Converging Optical System
▪ 5-Step Drum Magnification 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x
▪ Canon 450D Camera
▪ Real-Time Dynamic Display
▪ Background Illumination
▪ Joystick with Shutter Button
▪ Continuous Slit Height 1mm to 14mm / Continuous Slit Width 0mm to 14mm
▪ Six Available Aperture Diameters
▪ Slit Angle: 0 to 180 continuously adjustable from vertical to horizontal
▪ Continuous Slit Rotation, Plus Tilt Mechanism
▪ Four Built-in Filters
▪ Two Fixation Target Options
▪ 12.5x Eyepiece
▪ Hruby Lens Kit
▪ Two Reflecting Mirrors
▪ Tabletop and Accessory Drawer
▪ Arm Locking Knob
▪ Microscope/Illumination Arm Couple Bolt
▪ Brightness Control
▪ Accessories Mount

▪ Microscope Type Galilean
Stereoscopic Microscope

▪ Objective Magnification
Five-step Drum Magnification

▪ Eyepiece 12.5x

▪ Magnifications
6x 10x 16x 25x 40x

(Field of view) ( 1.3in / 33mm) ( 0.9in / 22.5mm) ( 0.55in / 14mm) ( 0.35in / 8.8mm) ( 0.22in / 5.5mm)

▪ Pupil Distance
1.84 ~ 3 in( 55 ~ 75 mm)

▪ Diopter Adjustment -5D to +3D

▪ Slit Width
0mm ~ 0.55in / 14mm adjustable (slit is round when the slit width is 0.55in / 14mm)

▪ Slit Height
0.04 ~ 0.55in adjustable (1 ~ 14mm adjustable)

▪ Diameter of Light Spot
0.55in, 0.4in, 0.2in, 0.08in, 0.04in, 0.008in (14mm, 10mm, 5mm, 2mm, 1mm, 0.2mm)

▪ Slit Angle 0 ~ 180 adjustable

▪ Slit Inclination 5, 10, 15, 20

▪ Filter
Heat-absorption, Gray, Red Free and Blue

▪ Illumination Bulb
12V 30W Halogen Bulb

▪ Collecting Medium
Digital Single Lens Reflex

▪ Illumination Type of Taking Picture
Background Illumination

▪ Input Voltage
AC 220V 22V ; AC 110V 11V

▪ Electrical Safety Standard
Executive Standard IEC601 - 1, Class I, Type B

▪ Optional Accessories
Applanation Tonometer, Camera Canon 18 Mega Pixels, Measuring Eye Piece, Trihedron lens, Gonioscope, Funduscope, Aspheric Lens

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