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ESL-700 2x

ESL-700 2x

Item #: ESL-700-2x
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Product Description

The Ezer ESL-700 Handheld Slit Lamp Microscope is portable yet delivering an accurate diagnostic.

Whether you're in the office or out on call, the Ezer ESL-700 Handheld Slit Lamp Microscope offers portability without sacrificing the quality of your exam. The unit's Binocular Optical System provides outstanding clarity in a lightweight portable design. A high luminance white LED provides incredible clarity as well as brightness control that can be easily adjusted. The ESL-700 also features three built-in Illumination Pathway Filters. The magnification and field of view that this device offers are likewise impressive. In addition to the 10x eyepiece that comes standard, practitioners can select a 16x eyepiece for added versatility. If you're looking for flexibility and need to sometimes offer care outside the office or to special patient populations, the ESL-700 is a top performing choice. With a 2.5 hour life on it's rechargeable battery, you can deliver care any time, anywhere.

Features of the ESL-700 Binocular Handheld Slit Lamp Microscope
▪ Handheld Converging Binocular Optical System
▪ 2-Step Magnification
▪ Impressive Field-of-View
▪ High Luminance White LED
▪ Three Built-in Illumination Pathway Filters
▪ Continuous Slit Width 0.2mm to 12mm
▪ Aperture Diameters 12mm, 5mm, 1mm, and 0.2mm
▪ Slit Angle: 30
▪ Focusing Module
▪ Forehead Rest
▪ Dimmer Knob for Brightness Control
▪ 10x Eyepiece (additional 16x Eyepiece is optional)
▪ Rechargeable Lithium Battery
▪ Weighs Less Than 2 Pounds


▪ Magnification
10x 16x

▪ Field of View
15 10

▪ P.D Adjustment 2 ~ 3in (50 ~ 75mm)

▪ Diopter Adjustments 8D

▪ Working Distance
2.4in / 60mm
(Note: P.D - pupil distance
PSL - portable slit-lamp microscope)

▪ llumination

▪ Slit Width
0.007 ~ 0.47in adjustable (0.2 ~ 12mm adjustable)

▪ Slit Lenght
0.0078, 0.04, 0.2, 0.47in (0.2, 1, 5, 12mm)

▪ Slit Angle 30

▪ Illumination Valuation 15000lx

▪ Light Source
High Luminance white LED

▪ Filters
Cobalt blue, Red free, Color temperature conversion

▪ Power Supply

▪ Charger Input: AC 100-240V,50/60Hz
Output:DC 8.4V/600mA

▪ Li-battery DC 7.4V/750mA

▪ Power Consumption 3W

▪ Dimension and Weight

▪ Packing Box 9.84 x 9.64 x 6.7 in (250 x 245 x 170 mm)

▪ Total Weight 48.4 lb / 22 Kg

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