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ERU-2600 Motorized Exam Chair

ERU-2600 Motorized Exam Chair

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Product Description
Ezer ERU-2600 Chair for Refraction Unit is full of power, innovative in design, and built to last; the 180-degree angle reclining chair makes it a favorite among eye care specialists.

The ERU-2600 is an ophthalmological motorized chair that you can easily operate using the unit's built-in control panel. The ERU-2600 features an elevation system for the seat, backrest and legs—all of which are driven by extremely quiet, oil-free electric gear motors. Several positions can be achieved, including sitting upright, lying down at full tilt, and the intermediate positions of your choice. Best of all, this motorized exam chair is built to last, using durable yet attractive materials that are easy to clean and provide quiet, precisely controlled operation.

Features of the ERU-2600 Motorized Exam Chair
▪ One-Handed Operation
▪ 180° Reclined
▪ Articulating Headrest
▪ Armrest Lock and Release
▪ Foot-rest and Foot-switch included
▪ Auto Return
▪ Quality Materials and Construction

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