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ERU-7200 Ezer Chair for Refraction Unit

ERU-7200 Ezer Chair for Refraction Unit

Item #: ERU-7200-chair
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Product Description
ERU-7200 Ezer Chair for Refraction Unit

■ Compact, Modern Design

The compact, yet adaptable refraction unit is perfect for any doctor's office. It will easily meet all your requirements for a smooth day of testing.

■ Versatile Chair

The versatile and friendly design of this model allows for a flawless exam. Easy to clean leather material will look like new throughout the life time of the chair. The vertical movement of the chair can be controlled by the food pedal, buttons located on the side of the chair as well as on the main panel. However, what will save you time in each exam is the Reset function of the ERU-7200. With one simple push of a button, the chair will be lowered, bringing the patient down, allowing you to move on with charting. The patient can be positioned in a completely supine position, as the chair adjusts from 90 to 180 degrees. The 360 degree rotatable chair features an adjustable headrest and footrest.

■ Reliable and Durability

Using the latest materials, the ERU-7200 offers a unique combination of reliability and durability. A motorized system will provide a "maintenance free" chair for a long time. The sturdy construction and latest upholstery materials minimize the need for repairs and down time.

■ Multiple Arms

The ERU-7200 stand supports two arms and a slit lamp/table arm to minimize chair time and improve patient flow . In addition an overhead lamp with a dimmer to adjust brightness and overall room illumination is part of the unit.

■ Full Control Panel

Easy access to a full control panel allows the user to manage the different features at their fingertips. You can control the chair position and the overhead light intensity with a touch of a button.

■ Charging Wells

Two charging wells are available to recharge hand held instruments.
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