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ERU-2600 Exam Stand

ERU-2600 Exam Stand

Item #: ERU-2600S
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Our Price: $1.00
Product Description
The ERU-2600 Stand complements any of Ezer's Examination Chairs, putting your selected diagnostic instruments at arm's reach. With this Stand, you won't struggle with space versus functionality challenges.

You will instead enjoy a sleek, modern design at an affordable price. The innovatively designed ERU-2600 Stand features convenient controls, an overhead lamp and slit lamp and refractor pantographic arms. The stand is also optionally available with a slit lamp arm only. Best of all, the ERU-2600 is powerful and build to last.

Features of the ERU-2600 Stand
▪ Slit Lamp Pantographic Arm
▪ Refractor Pantographic Arm
▪ Convenient Controls
▪ Membrane Switches
▪ Recharging Wells
▪ Overhead Lamp
▪ Durable Materials

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