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EPR-3600 Projection Perimeter

EPR-3600 Projection Perimeter

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Product Description
Ezer EPR-3600 Projection Perimeter for expert perimetry, glaucoma screening, diagnosis, treatment, ongoing management, and other visual field abnormalities.

For expert perimetry, look no further than the EPR-3600. This advanced technology offers every feature you would expect in a top-of-the line perimeter. This highly advanced projection-based system allows for scatter-free, even light and a complete reduction in chromatic aberration. Furthermore, the range of testing protocols and parameters is certain to impress and allows for both static and kinetic testing. With the EPR-3600, users can select stimulus colors; red, white and blue are all built into this outstanding testing unit. In addition, the EPR-3600 offers blue-yellow detection. Reliable perimetry is the cornerstone of glaucoma screening, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management. With the introduction of the EPR-3600 you will benefit from flexible testing to meet the needs of even your most complex cases. Advanced analysis software and complete report plot selection will exceed the expectations of every practitioner.

Features of the EPR-3600 Perimeter
▪ Flexible Testing Options
▪ Projection-Based
▪ Eye Fixation Monitoring
▪ Several Reporting Options
▪ Progression Analysis
▪ Kinetic and Static Testing
▪ Early Detection
▪ Diverse Testing Strategies
▪ Advanced Analysis Software
▪ Complete Report Plot Selection
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