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EPR-1800 LED Perimeter

EPR-1800 LED Perimeter

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Product Description
Ezer EPR-1800 Projection Perimeter for expert perimetry, glaucoma screening, diagnosis, treatment, ongoing management, and other visual field abnormalities.

Detecting and measuring field loss requires a dependable platform to guide decision-making and patient care. With the EPR-1800 you will have access to a range of testing parameters as well as highly advanced progression analysis software. Select and customize reports with a variety of analysis report options. The ability to generate past and current records in a single report is an especially useful function. Operators will appreciate the benefits of real-time eye monitoring with the EPR-1800, which allows for enhanced fixation control throughout testing. The EPR-1800 truly offers outstanding glaucoma screening, diagnosis tools, allowing you to treat and manage patients with confidence.

Features of the EPR-1800 Perimeter
▪ Real-Time Eye Monitoring
▪ Progression Analysis
▪ Variety of Reporting Options
▪ Several Testing Parameters
▪ Diverse Testing Strategies
▪ Advanced Analysis Software
▪ Complete Report Plot Selection

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