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EOT-2600 Eye Stretcher

EOT-2600 Eye Stretcher

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Product Description
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Ezerís EOT-2600 offers outstanding mobility, functionality and quality. This versatile motorized stretcher is ideal for eye surgery. A retractable and lockable side rail allows for easy entry and exit, with the added benefit of fall protection.

Operators can control the stretcherís movements using the manual control panel or a convenient remote control unit. You will achieve superior clinical performance and patient comfort with the EOT-2600. Positioning from a fully supine position to chair position is fast, quiet and easy. The EOT-2600 features an elevation system and backrest driven by extremely quiet, oil-free electric gear motors. Several positions can be achieved, including the Trendelenburg position. Best of all, this stretcher is built to last, using durable yet attractive materials that are easy to clean and provide quiet, precisely-controlled operation.

Features of the EOT-2600 Eye Stretcher
▪ Versatile Choice for Eye Surgeons
▪ Extensive Range of Movement
▪ Safe and Comfortable for Patients
▪ Remote or Manual Control Panel
▪ 2 Programmable Memories
▪ Retractable Headrest
▪ Security Lock
▪ Durable, Quality Materials
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