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EDR-5400 Digital Refractor

EDR-5400 Digital Refractor

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Product Description
Ezer EDR-5400 Automated Phoropter features a 6.4 Full Color LCD Monitor with Tilt, convenience, functionality, and low cost.

With Ezer's EDR-5400 Digital Refractor, you can perform all of the functions you normally would in a manual refraction, but now you can do so while seated comfortably in a chair beside the patient. The EDR-5400 communicates with your pre-testing equipment and EMR systems, uploading patient data that you can use as a starting point. It features a 6.4" Full Color LCD and an intuitive Key Pad with logically arranged keys. Choose from numerous different charts and tests and change out lenses rapidly and precisely. You can even illustrate how the subjective results differ from objective study findings using the unit's Compare Mode. Dual Cross Cylinder Lens, Automatic Occlusion and Convergence, as well as flexible PD control make this a powerful piece of technology, especially when used with the ECP-5400, and the ERK-5400 or ERK-7800 to form a complete Ezer Digital Practice. If you're ready to replace your standard refractor with modern digital refraction technology, the smartly designed EDR-5400 is an excellent choice at a great value.

Features of the EDR-5400 Digital Refractor
▪ Sleek, Compact Design
▪ 6.4 Full Color LCD Monitor with Tilt
▪ Intuitive Key Pad
▪ Rapid Lens Change
▪ Numerous Visual Charts and Tests
▪ Compare Objective and Subjective Results
▪ Dual Cross Cylinder Lens
▪ Automatic Occlusion
▪ Automatic Convergence
▪ Excellent PD Control
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