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ECP-5400 Chart Projector

ECP-5400 Chart Projector

Item #: ECP-5400
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Product Description
The Ezer ECP-5400 Digital Chart Projector provides crisp clear images with precise projection and 31 test charts.

Ezer's high-resolution ECP-5400 Chart Projector will enhance any refracting environment. This compact and lightweight ophthalmic projector features a highly versatile programmable remote control. Operators will enjoy the benefits of being able isolate letters on a vertical or horizontal line or individually. You can also combine the ECP-5400 with Ezer's other diagnostic instruments to form an Ezer Digital Refraction Practice. These digital practice platforms make it possible to perform a full digital vision exam, from pretest to Rx.

Features of the ECP-5400 Chart Projector
▪ Various and Flexible Chart Type
▪ Enhanced Optical Power
▪ Clear & Precise Projection Chart
▪ Programmable Remote Control
▪ Chart Type
▪ Accessories
▪ Optional Accessories
▪ Easy Network Capability

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