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Dyadic Dispensing Tables in Chocolate + White

Dyadic Dispensing Tables in Chocolate + White

Item #: DYADIC-1-Choclate
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Product Description
Optical Retail Salespeople or Dispensing Opticians often serve as a critical consultants to Eyecare patients and customers. These eye care professionals can provide information and service that assist customers during the purchase process. Through buyer–seller interaction, salespeople and dispensing opticians conceivably will influence how customers feel when shopping; in essence, eye care sales staff are likely to have an impact on customers' emotions and selections. Selling may be viewed as a process in which two individuals exchange items of value. In the simplest situation, the buyer receives a product and the seller receives money. In reality, it is likely that buyer and seller exchange attributes with both physical and psychological values. Dyadic selling/dispensing relationship with a patient will potentially improve the consultative sales approach and process by design. Patients feel a lot less intimidated and become a lot less self-conscious if the optician/salesperson is sitting on their side rather than across from them.

Excludes chairs.
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