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DM-3000 LUXVISION  Lens Drilling Machine 110 V

DM-3000 LUXVISION Lens Drilling Machine 110 V

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Product Description
The DM 3000 is ideal for drilling holes in glass, polycarbonate and plastic lenses. Opposing tapered drill bits bore holes simultaneously from both sides of the lens, allowing for precise drilling while safeguarding against chipping and breaking. After the hole is drilled the lens reamer can be used to enlarge the hole to the desired size. The lens support arm maintains the correct drilling angle.


-Useful builtĖin grooving device. You can adjust the depth of groove freely when grooving.

-Sawdust receiving bucker, receives the sawdust of lens when cleaning the saw groove.

-Both drill bits function simultaneously from the upper and lower sides.

-Drill holes are rimmed with high accuracy, from 0.8 mm adjustable each.2.8mm.

-The lens is drilled by pushing the handle.

-Lens positioning dial and lens check pad for convenient lens drilling.

-The dial sets the lens position.

-The distance from an edge of the lens to the point to be drilled can be adjusted in the range of 2.0mm to 8.0mm in steps of 0.5mm.

-Suction lens holder secures the lens at a fixed inclination.

-Hand rest stabilizes the hand for proper drilling.

-Oil Bath contains the cutting oil to be used for drilling glass (mineral) lenses.

-Adjustment of drill bits clearance itís easy with allen key included.

-Various replacement possibilities (reamer, drill bits, etc) Possibility of one-sided drilling with twist drill bit (optional)


-Lens holder arm -Cutting oil -Allen key (3, 2.5 and 2mm) -Suction Cup -Drill bit holder


-Acceptable lens materials: Glass (mineral), Plastic (CR-39), Polycarbonate, etc.

-Possible diameter of drilling: 0.8mm to 2.8mm

-Dimensions: 250 (W) x 220 (D) x 345 (H)mm

-Weight: 4.8 Kg

-Power requirements: 100 to 120V / 60Hz AC 25

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