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Custom Thermabent Rods

Custom Thermabent Rods
Customers will appreciate the beauty and style of this easy-access design, while you will appreciate its quality and functionality. These 5/8" inch diameter acrylic rods are perfect for every location with a wall. Equipped with 2 ends caps, just add the desired length and the number and type of clips and we'll do the rest.

Perfectly manufactured and curved, these display rods are designed for the convenience of you and your customer. The curved acrylic rod design catches the eye and holds eyewear upright and even. The ultimate value of this display model is the flexibility it provides. The clips are removable, re-adjustable and they do display the frames in an open position.

The thermabent wall mount eyewear display rods are available in your desired custom length. The displays snap into a set of two end caps that attach to the wall. Two end Caps for each rod are provided in the package. Please click on the picture above to view a larger image of the display.

For more information please call us at (877) 274-9300 Ordering: Please click on the display with the desired frame capacity below and the length of the rods below.

Lengths other than 36, 42 and 48 inches, there will be a minimum order quantity of 10 rods.
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