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To order THE HUVITZ EXCELON ABL please contact us at 877-274-9300

The Excelon ABL’s (Autoblocker Lensometer) three-dimensional tracer automatically determines the base curve of the frame, and its digital scanner eliminates the need to trace demo lenses and patterns. In addition, the blocker can recognize bifocal and progressive lenses placed at any position. All of the auto-blocker’s functions can be accessed via an intuitive touch screen and user-friendly menu.

Simplify Your Lab with Huvitz Auto Blocker CAB 4000 and CPE 4000 3D Edger

Are you ready to take the leap towards automation with your in-house lab? A very smart choice for the job would be Huvitz Auto Blocker CAB 4000 and CPE 4000 3D Edger. It can truly do it all for you.

Automation Plus

The fully digital Huvitz Auto Blocker will trace a frame, read a lens’ power and properly block it according to the parameters of any job. The need for a lensometer is virtually eliminated.

Along with digital cameras that allow precision lens imaging, the Huvitz Auto Blocker has unique features such as serving two Huvitz edgers simultaneously. The frame tracer is true 3-D taking 12,000 measurements during a single trace that will also represent the base curve of the frame when finished.

The unit helps the user input all the edger functions on the full color touch screen display such as type of material, speed of the cut, bevel, polish, groove and even the base curve to be cut for the best fit into a given frame. Shapes can be altered by simple percentage value increases or decrease or by inputting A, B and C measurements or a combination of these box measurements. This reduces the edging process to simply putting in the blocked lens and cutting it to size.

Lens retouches can be performed easily too such as adding and edge polish or changing other parameters like groove depth and width as long as the lens is still blocked and big enough for the job. The instrument’s queue holds 15 jobs in self clearing rotation and the pattern memory can permanently hold up to 1,000 traces.

The CAB 4000 can work with lenses from 18mm in diameter up to 80mm and reads lens powers from plano to +/- 20.00D and cylinders up to 10.00D in 0.01D increments. Centering accuracy is within +/- 0.5mm and axis accuracy is +/- 1 degree. Frame PD’s and patient PD’s between 30mm and 99.50mm are accepted with 0.01mm increments. Material settings include glass, plastic, high index plastic, polycarbonate and Trivex. Edger settings include bevel, groove and rimless options along with safety bevel and polishing settings.

The Huvitz system allows anyone that can handle a small screw driver and follow the icons on a screen to block and edge a single vision lens in minutes. Just think what a skilled finisher can accomplish with this rig!


CPE 4000 3D Edger is One-Stop Lens Finishing Process with unmatched Finishing Quality. It’s Icon-Based Graphical user Interface makes the usage of the product simple.

Consisting of the cutting-edge technology, Excelon™ simplifies the finishing operation with the unparalleled efficiency. Beveling, Polishing, Grooving and Safety Beveling processes are completely integrated and easily performed by a simple touch of a button.

All the finishing processes, tracing to edging, are fully operated with the advanced 3-Dimensional Digital Technology optimizing the productivity and efficiency.

Excelon™ offers superior quality and unmatched accuracy with the excellent features.

• Adjustable Grooving Selections with 0.01mm step in depth and width

• Two Phase Customized Safety Beveling

High Resolution TFT-LCD (10.4") Color Screen and the intuitive Icon-Based User Interface are harmonized to offer the maximum convenience for everyday use.

Graphically Designed Test Mode enables the operator to effectively perform the routine maintenance without the technical assistance. Module-based Engineering allows the easy and convenient replacement of grinding wheels and components.

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