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CFR-4000 Tracer

CFR-4000 Tracer

Item #: CFR-4000
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Product Description
The CFR-4000 is a fully automatic frame tracer that performs 3-dimensional tracing. It is part of the Huvitz Excelon series, a versatile lens finishing system designed for retail practices of all sizes. All of the finishing processes—from tracing to edging—are fully optimized with advanced three-dimensional digital technology, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

The CFR-4000 is a truly material-friendly unit that can be used in virtually every situation. It provides fast and adaptable tracing for all frame materials and shapes. In fact, it is capable of scanning and digitally filtering 16,0000 points of shape data. This fully-automatic tracer is intuitive and user-friendly. You’ll enjoy speed, precision, versatility and so much more with the CFR-4000

Features of the CFR-4000 Tracer
▪ Fully Automatic
▪ 3D Tracing
▪ Incredibly Fast
▪ Automatic Data Transfer
▪ Various Tracing Modes

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