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CBK-4000 Blocker

CBK-4000 Blocker

Item #: CBK-4000
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Product Description

Features of the CBK-4000 Blocker
▪ Compatible with High-End Finishing Systems
▪ Small Footprint
▪ Versatile
▪ Easy-to-Use
▪ Economical

Compatible with High-End Finishing Systems
The CBK-4000 is part of the Huvitz Excelon series, a high-end finishing system that integrates edging, blocking and tracing. You can pair the CBK-4000 with the Excelon 4000 or 7000 series finishing systems.

Small Footprint
This stylish manual blocker features a small, convenient footprint.

You can achieve fast and accurate lens blocking on all lens types, including single vision, multifocals and progressives.

The CBK-4000 blocking system is compact and features simple controls with outstanding functionality.

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