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AN-1000  Notch-Cutting Machine

AN-1000 Notch-Cutting Machine

Item #: AN-1000
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Product Description
The AN-1000 Notch-Cutting Machine by Luxvision is both versatile and easy to operate, making it an outstanding addition to any optical lab or retail shop.

With the AN-1000 anyone can safety perform notch-cutting with expert precision and ease. It is convenient and simple to use and versatile, featuring two different drill bit sizes to best suit each lens. You canít go wrong with the Luxvision AN-1000. It is a quality-engineered machine, featuring high-grade, high-tech materials and is a smart choice for all your finishing needs.

Features of the AN-1000 Notch-Cutting Machine
▪ Dual Bits
▪ Easy-to-Use
▪ Outstanding Precision
▪ Rapid Notch-Cutting
▪ Two Voltage Options
▪ Quality Construction

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