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AG-3000 Autogroover

AG-3000 Autogroover

Item #: AG-3000
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Product Description
AG-3000 Autogroover

Automatic Autogroover

This unit is extremely easy to operate and is suoted for all optical labs or retail shops. It will follow front or rear lens curve or automatically center the groove on the lens. It grooves plastic and polycarbonate materials with ease.

Comes with a corrosion proof plastic base that will never rust or corrode. The depth and location of the groove can be easily and accurately adjusted.

Features & Components
- no water system required
- accurate on all profiles
- grove width : 0.6mm
- lens thickness : from 1.5 to 11mm
- non-corrosive machine body
- lens : from 18 to 70mm
- power : 90W
- adjustable groove depth : from 0 to 0.7mm
- adjustable groove position (front - center- rear)
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