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3-Module Low Gondola

3-Module Low Gondola

Item #: 3-Module-Low-Gondola
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Product Description
Fully Modular OPTIMIZE® displays are the solid foundation you will needs for a successful and profitable optical retail. Modular architecture allows us to quickly develop display solutions from our component-based system, providing flexibility to tailor to a wide range of needs, merchandise types, and environment sizes.

Our modular display and accessory designs are proven, providing a unique spectrum of solutions with faster lead times to serve you better. From independent storeowners, multi-store chains, to design firms, our team creates partnerships with solutions for all retail applications.

We design solutions that balance functionality, flexibility and creativity for maximum return on investment. Our component-based system can be tailored to a wide range of needs, merchandise types, and environment sizes.

Renewable, durable, easy to assemble, simple to update, and completely customizable. It’s the easy choice for your next project.

We’re here to help. Let’s talk. Visit our showroom or call us at 1-877-274-9300

6'8"L x 2'3"W x 4'7"H

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Standard Finishes + Materials

If you have a tight deadline, Standard is for you!

Fixture layout and counter design available for Standard product and materials in 24 hours with manufacturing in 2 weeks.

Service levels include:

  • Getting to know you, your business, your preferences, timeline & opportunity
  • Recommending appropriate solutions (or determining if a next level of service is required)
  • Detailed project quotation

Powdercoat Finishes (2 Week Lead Time)


High Pressure Laminates (2 Week Lead Time)


Metal (2 Week Lead Time / Panels Only)


Acrylic (2 Week Lead Time)

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